Engineering & Technology Solutions Ltd

Engineering & Technology Solutions Ltd supports its customers with a team of professionals dedicated to the various sectors of industrial engineering, computer engineering and general management operations. We care about building quality relationships based on trust and our commitment is to support our international clients, belonging to the public sector and private, with attention to detail, technological innovation and environmental sustainability.


From the experience of the best engineers and technicians in the Bologna area, Service & More was born, a company specialized in the design and construction of production lines.

Since 2017, thanks to the experience of technicians and engineers from the largest Italian companies, with experience and passion, Service & More has been at the service of customers to design innovative and high-performance production lines of various kinds.

Company also deals with the requalification of machines belonging to existing lines, changing the PLC with the software they developed; in this way it is possible to customize it according to the customer’s needs, enabling the system for Industry 4.0 with many intelligent features such as the remote assistance service.

Company is also involved in the production of extrusion-blow molding machines for PP, PE, PC, PVC containers and injection stretch-blow molding machines for fully customizable PET containers, from 2 to 30 litres. All machines are enabled for new technologies and ready for Industry 4.0 providing greater visibility into operations and, through the application of advanced analytics, more actionable information on their activity in real time.



TECPARMA MEXICANA, was born in January 1994 with highly qualified personnel coming from the Mexican territory and from the main Italian bottling and packaging companies.

The company has an important and prestigious customer portfolio serving large companies such as COCA COLA, EMBASADORA GUGAR, DISTRIBUTOR GUGAR, GRUPO LALA, REFRESCOS UNION, BIG COLA, DANONE, BACARDI.

Specialized in the design of integral solutions in bottling, container and packaging lines, with a complete line of efficient and high-tech machinery, configurable for all types of industry, it is able to satisfy the market with solidity and continuity thanks to constant research to raise the level of quality.

The company is synonymous with reliability and technological innovation as a result of constant research applied to the design of each of the machines, allowing it to satisfy countless customers in Mexico, Italy and around the world.

TECPARMA MEXICANA has technicians specialized in the sector and provides training courses, available for operators, maintenance technicians and the management area, to guarantee the correct management of the plant and machinery, guaranteeing the reliability of the process.